Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

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Recycling Schemes

We currently participcate in the following schemes

Plastic Cups

The Save a Cup scheme was established by the vending, food service and plastics industries to collect the millions of hard-wall polystyrene cups used in the UK every week.

For further details please visit save-a-cups website
w: www.save-a-cup.co.uk

Paper Recycling

Severnside Recycling is the largest recycler in Europe, harvesting circa 1.9 million tonnes of paper and packaging annually, from UK waste streams. Severnside view all waste as a scarce resource and therefore share a common goal with the centre – the need to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

For further information please visit Servernisde's website
w: www.severnside.com

Waste Disposal

Viridor is one of the UK's leading resource and waste management companies. They provide an extensive range of recycling and resource recovery services.
This begins with recycling collection services and subsequent separation of domestic and commercial materials in our local Materials Recycling Facilitiy (MRFS). It ends up with the sale of quality recovered materials to reprocessors and end-users.

For further information please visit Viridors website
w: www.viridor-waste.co.uk/mrfs

IT Equipment Recycling

LAMH Recycle Ltd is a social enterprise which has been set up to provide training and employment opportunities within a supportive work environment for people experiencing mental ill health and other disadvantaged groups. Heriot Watt University were their first major customer for IT waste management.

As a further part of their “social agenda”, they supply an average of 500 refurbished PC systems annually to low income households, community groups etc.

For further information please visit LAMH Recycle ltd website
w: www.lamhrecycle.co.uk