It’s business as usual at the Edinburgh Conference Centre at Heriot-Watt University despite the treacherous winter weather.

The conference centre is open for business with conference, telephone and video-conferencing facilities available at a reduced rate for anyone needing to hold a meeting.

The state of the art facilities mean that business people who can get to Heriot-WattUniversity can use the telephone and video-conferencing to contact colleagues who are snow bound in other parts of the country.

Commercial Operations Manager at the ECC, Lynne Geary said:

“Despite the weather all conference centre staff are at work and ready to field any enquiries from customers.

“We also have our leading conferencing facilities including telephone and video conferencing, for anyone who needs to get to a meeting but is unable to do so because of the snow.

“Times are tough but we know that business must go on and we would be delighted to help anyone in need of conferencing facilities.”

To find out more about using the telephone and video conferencing suite, or other facilities, at the Edinburgh Conference Centre contact Lynne Geary on 0131 451 3666 or 07789271328. You can email Lynne at