The ‘Getting Ready for Renewable Energy – Green New Deal’ conference featured high profile delegates and speakers from around the world who gathered to discuss the financial opportunities for renewable energy projects along with a range of other issues.

The objectives of the conference, which sought to explore the opportunities for partnership between Europe in renewable energies included:

  • Financial opportunities for renewable energy projects, funding and grants applications
  • Options and opportunities for companies expanding in the renewable energy market
  • Company requirements to meet CO2 emission targets
  • Opportunities for individuals entering the renewable energy sector
  • Comparison and choosing between Renewable Energies
  • Investment potential for both the economy and the environment


The conference was organised by the European Energy Centre (EEC) in cooperation with Centro Studi Galileo, the Indian association TERRE, the Associazione Tecnici Italiani del Freddo, and the Intergovernmental International Institute of Refrigeration. The event aimed to directly address the Scottish Government’s desire to collaborate with international institutions to push on Renewable Energy Applications.
Paolo Buoni, the Director of the European Energy Centre (EEC) UK, said:

“We have been promoting best practice in renewable energy for 36 years through training courses and major conferences for personnel working in the renewable energy field. The 14th European Conference was a major landmark for launching the Green New Deal in Scotland with the United Nations UNEP.

“Several European Governments and the European Commission have shown strong interest and support towards the European Energy Centre activities of education and training in renewable energy; in this respect we are proud that this conference has won the auspices of the Italian Government Ministry of the Environment.

“After 10 years of partnership with the United Nations - UNEP, the European Energy Centre was delighted to find an ideal venue for this major event at the Edinburgh Conference Centre @ Heriot-Watt University.”

Commercial Operations Manager at the ECC, Lynne Geary said:
“To host a United Nations conference at the Edinburgh Conference Centre was a wonderful endorsement of the staff and facilities that we offer here.”

To find out more about the aims of the conference visit: www.EUenergycentre.org