The conference centre has recently invested in new, cutting edge video and voting technology facilities to meet a growing demand.

More and more companies prefer their employees to ‘dial-in’ to conferences rather than travel long distances to attend, running the risk of ash cloud delays and incurring huge costs.

In addition to this the innovative voting system allows conference hosts to interact with their delegates by asking questions and conducting opinion polls and surveys.
The response system allows each member of the audience to respond to questions and surveys via a wireless keypad which transmits the information instantly via a receiver.

Sales Co-ordinator for the Edinburgh Conference Centre, Charlotte Rutherford says that more and more companies are looking to use new technologies as an integral part of their conferences and events.

“We have seen a large increase in the number of people asking whether or not we can offer video conferencing facilities to delegates.

“There is no doubt that the travel disruption caused by the volcanic ash clouds and the financial crisis putting pressure on the money available to companies to bring together employees at conferences has led to more demand for technologies that can bring people together without them having to leave their offices.”

In addition to these technologies the conference centre has a first class Audio Visual team that can arrange lighting, sound and other hi-tech gismos to meet the demands of clients.

Charlotte says that all of this new technology will be sure to add to the appeal of the already popular conference centre, a top venue for business and educational events in Scotland.

“We are the largest not-for-profit conference centre in Scotland with all of our profits ploughed back into the academic work and development of Heriot-Watt University. We have invested in these technologies to meet demand but also to enhance the first class facilities we can offer at the centre.”

To find out more about the video-conferencing, voting and AV facilities on offer contact Charlotte Rutherford on 0131 451 3667